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Snap Map: Snapchat's new location sharing feature July 13th, 2017


Today Snapchat released what they are calling, Snap Map. This feature will allow users to share their location with other users that opted into sharing their location. Once the user gives the go-ahead for this feature when pinching two fingers (as if to zoom out) on the camera view, users will be greeted with this new feature and shown their Bitmoji on a map in their actual location.

Users will have the ability to opt out of this if they decide they do not want to share their location with their friends, this is called Ghost Mode, or anyone can select which of their friends can view this. Snapchat notes that users location is only updated when the app is opened, meaning there will be no background updates or tracking.

After a few hours of having your location shown to friends, it will disappear. Snap Map also shows anyone's location that is contributing to the "Our Story" feature. A spokesperson told The Verge, “These Snaps are sorted using advanced machine learning techniques that aim to surface interesting Snaps that are also safe and fun for our community.”

Snap Map is being rolled out to users soon on iOS and Android. Other new updates to Snapchat is the new tools, AR lenses, unlimited snap timer, and looping videos. Updates are rolling out quicker due to the ever growing battle between Instagram and Snapchat to become the best photo sharing application. Who will win?

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