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SOME PEOPLE IN LOVE November 1st, 2017

A few months back, my brother, Andrew, told me his plans to propose to his girlfriend of 2 years soon. He showed me the ring and the box her handmade for it, and from then on we started trying to come up with the right time and place for it to happen.

As time went on the weather would start getting bad, so it was now or in 3-4 months. Haley Kinser and I went out with them to Holliday Park in Indianapolis where we were just going to "explore" the area and see what was around.

After an hour or so Andrew would nod to me and I knew to be at the ready with my camera. Here are the photos from that day and the short adventure I got to have with my brother and some of the best friends a guy could hope for.

As we set off through the mud and the cold weather Andrew tied Adrean's shoes before they'd get caked in mud.

This was a pretty normal day for us all. We joked about stupid things, took photos as we tried not to splash in the mud and made our way to the "spot" Andrew was looking for.

Haley and I found a great spot but as I looked at Andrew he shook his head as if to say, "no this is terrible, shut up." We continued on.

As we approached these stairs Andrew nodded to me and I knew it was time to get the camera ready. I signed to Haley to start a video and we started capturing the moment as best as we could. Andrew tossed his coat to me and then ...

"Attttt laaassssstttttt, my love has come along." Andrew got down on one knee, mumbled something to Adrean, and it was over as soon as it began.

It was really cute to watch my little brother propose to his girlfriend of such as long time and my family was really happy for them. Adrean would go on to call her mother and grandma and Andrew would call his grandma and both would text all their friend such as to say "look at meeeee."

The ring was pretty, the experience was fun, and then we went to eat bagels.

Congrats to you guys! Myself and the rest of the family are very happy for you!

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